Thursday, January 26, 2017

January summary what a month

The hobby was strong, 

I had feared January would be a no-hobby month, but it ended up as a good month, with output I feel proud of as I optimized the little time available

I finished all the tiles of the dungeon kickstarters - Finally!

Hospital type tiles
For the above tiles, I painted white, then used dark wash to paint some tiles and make letters and then painted white again. The result pleased me, the letters were still visible but not too much. I added blood stains to

When I received my mantic pledge, I felt the troopers to be a little small. 
cutting, gluing, ordering. Yes, seems a kickstarter's just arrived.
I took some of the fantasy warriors I have in my WIP box and I was wrong. They are of similar scale.

Comparing Mantic GCPS size compared to 28mm fantasy
What about gaming you'd say?
That's the black spot. I've started RPGing with a target of twice a month, and been busy for an internal sales kickoff that took a lot of time before and during. Now, it's gone and Chinese New Year is around the corner.
Well, gaming would be a February thing then!

Monday, January 9, 2017

First 2017 fantasy miniatures painted

Reinforcement has arrived

New Year, great painting mojo.
So I finally sat down, watching House of Cards and paint at the same time. The first victims to the paintbrush were fantasy miniatures to finish some of the teams fighting in Montiberg.

I finally finished the Blue Chief, opening rooms for him to appear. A long overdue.

Blue Chief
A priest / magic adept

And tons of henchmen.
The Raven Company

Second from the left, leader of the Raven Company, Captain Crow. Captain Crow carries a long sword and like giving orders.

 4 henchmen. (left to right) First one is a tough soldier, veteran of many campaigns. He carries a dreadful spear and a mighty armor. Next is a barbarian who enjoyed modern armor. He carries a warhammer. Further right is a skilled two-hand sword fighter. A tricky weapon to use. Finally a regular mercenary from the Raven Company.

 The Black Shield company is a company of war veterans. Well equipped and organized, depending which side you are they are dangerous foes and great allies.

That's 22x3 = 66 MARIUS :-)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 planning: What is a Marius - Quantifying painted models

from Pogre, @

This year, I have decided to get stuff painted. Surely I did paint stuff last year, but I kind of lost track toward year end with excuses like: Too busy, too tired, can't find the miniatures.

I will use scientific method to quantify the amount of stuff painted, acquired or given away.

Introducing the MARIUS.

What does it mean: Multiple APO Revolutionary Interregolistic Unit for Splashing Paint

In plain English: it is a measure unit of a model.
for instance:
1 MARIUS = 1x 15mm infantry

The equivalence with other scale and model type is:
15 mm infantry: 1 MARIUS
15mm infantry: 1 MARIUS
20mm infantry: 2 MARIUS
28mm infantry: 3 MARIUS
20mm horse:    2 MARIUS
28mm horse:    3 MARIUS

Combining: 1x 28mm cavalry is:
    3+3= 6 MARIUS

28mm Vehicle: 15 MARIUS (no official MARIUS value, I have arbitrarily set the value)
20mm Vehicle: 10 MARIUS (no official MARIUS value, I have arbitrarily set the value)


APO (Self HighJacking)

In French, Auto Prise en Otage. The idea is originated from hobbyist Gregory Privat and logo from DragonTigre.
APO aims to transform hobby blog from virtual display to a self motivator with a timeline.
APO announced
Successful APO
Missed APO

How does it work.

To set an APO, I just need to announce in an article: WHAT I will paint, WHEN I start and WHEN I will finish, and success criteria (vernished, use of 3 colors+, based, ...).
APO may have milestone to show progress and estimate if APO will be successful... or not.
On the DDay, the APOlogist show the status, with photo at the starting date and photo at finish.

So my objective for 2017:
Buying no more than 50 MARIUS
Painting 300 MARIUS (or 100 28mm miniatures)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 - Wrapping up the year

End of the year.
Not much communication this month, it was all about plotting for Xmas, hiding toys and making secret plans.

A quick recap of the year

Video Games:
Colonization, because I can't get enough of it. I used the R&R mod and usually team up with another random computer player with domination as an aim.
Mordheim City of the Dead, after failing miserably with Skaven and Sisters, I built up a mercenary team and finished the campaign.
From left to right: Tamme Feuerhertz, Jogger, Gogol, Captain Mc Douglas, Popol Grossfrap, One Eye, Bob Francis, Lologolas, Eul' Jeunot

I really enjoyed Mordheim, but I am skeptical about what publisher do these days about DLC and stuff. The game would greatly improve by opening up modding.

Battlefleet Gothic. The latest game I am playing. Trying to hold the Gothic system against everybody, I get more accustomed to some of the small strategic decision (which system to defend for instance). I build my fleet around firepower, castle mode: All the ships together, ganging up against single enemy and destroying small ships as fast as possible and moving up the ladder.

Miniature games:
Bolt Action - Partisan vs German. Only one game of Bolt Action this year. My partisan fought against german elite units. I almost wiped the Germans, but with the scenario rule, it ended up as a tie.
Fantasy Campaign (3 episodes so far). I am planning to play at least 1 game before year end.
Star Wars Campaign (3 turns, but with the new movie, the mojo is coming back).
boardgames game (Space race, Citadelle, Settlers of Catan, Monster Cafe, Entdecker)
Basing (Morikun's challenge). I did the challenge. I stopped seriously basing my models some times ago, and switched to clear bases. Taking the challenge was fun, but I've lost the mini somewhere.

I painted more 1/72 vehicles. To be honest, I don't know why I am painting them as nobody play them around me. Maybe because it always end up in 1/72.
I painted more fantasy than anything this year, and more in WIP. It was followed by genestealers and aliens. I have space marines waiting for proper heads, which is to say beaky helmet for me.
Terrain-wise, this has been a dungeon year with most of my tiles painted and all the props done.

Youtube wise, I have spent the past year enjoying Morjax (here) take on "the Walking Dead", the video game, and watch Military History Visualized (here)

Finally, we went to Beijing for Xmas and enjoy some snow there. On the airplane, some entertainment where I saw the category for Ghostbuster 2016: DO NOT USE. I watched it and agreed completely. A really sad reboot.